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How to Take Better Selfies for Travel and Home: the Ultimate Guide

Love them or hate them, “selfies” have been around since people started scratching their images out on cave walls. Some of the greatest paintings ever created are self-portraits (think Rembrandt, Picasso, Hockney). But while the medium and the terminology may have changed, those changes aren’t the reason why many feel such ire towards the selfie […]

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The Top 17 London Experiences and the Souvenirs to Remember them by

Party Rhinestone Bag JAGENIE Women Wedding Purse Evening Satin Blue Black Handbags Clutch Royal On each return visit to London, it’s always the same. I step off the Heathrow Express in Paddington Station. Jet lagged and groggy, I grab a coffee and make my way to the cab stand. I collapse in a heap in the spacious seat of my black cab. My driver gives me a warm greeting […]

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Best 27 Japanese Souvenirs and Experiences Around Tokyo (Kanto) Part I

Because there are so many fantastic Japanese souvenirs and experiences, this post will come in two parts, this is part I. In Japan, the magic is in the subtlety. Other destinations might be more obvious, with their swaying palms, exotic cuisine or chaotic crowds. But after a while you come to know what to expect, […]

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The Top 15 Norway Experiences (and the Souvenirs to Remember them by)

Royal Rhinestone Black Purse Women Wedding Clutch Party JAGENIE Handbags Evening Bag Satin Blue I’m just back from a whirlwind tour of Western Norway, from Oslo up to Geiranger, and couldn’t wait to share my favorite moments from this country. While I knew that Western Norway is famous for its jaw-dropping fjords, I was taken aback by the sheer diversity of this region. Sure Norway has the best nature […]

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Top “Holy Grail” Souvenirs Around the World

Why Souvenirs “Oh I don’t collect knick knacks.” “Experiences are more important to me than things.” These are the typical responses I get, sometimes delivered with a slight air of superiority, when I first tell people about my website Souvenir Finder. But my site isn’t about collecting knick knacks (and I actually bristle at the […]

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Where to Find Prince Harry and Princess Megan Royal Wedding Souvenirs in London

Contributer Kristen Mankosa, based in London, provided photos and her personal commentary for this post. Thanks Kristen! Ever wonder what it was like to be in London during the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Princess Meghan? Guest contributor Kristen Mankosa was there and reports back on the chaos, fun and of course the royal […]

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Other than possibly a pair of ill-fitting shoes, nothing is worse when traveling than an uncomfortable travel purse. The best travel purses and handbags are super lightweight, comfortable to carry, slip free and cute enough not to be embarrassing even when visiting a fashion forward city. The problem is the purses I buy for fashion […]

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Ultimate Guide to the Top 40 Paris Souvenirs and Gifts

Of all the cities I’ve been to, Paris is the city I feel the most compelled to shop in. It’s not because Paris has the best unique souvenirs (I’d pick Kyoto for that). There is just something about Paris– the streets, the ambiance, the romance of it all that puts me in shopping mood. But […]

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Top Souvenirs along Historic Route 66

Souvenir Dispatches from the RV brought to you by Souvenir Finder’s mom, who sold her house and worldly possessions for a life of retirement traveling the United States full-time in an RV. US Route 66, the “Main Street of America” was one of the original highways in the United States (though it has since been […]

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Best 30 Photos Opps and Places to Instagram Yourself in New York City

There are lots of articles written about the best and top Instagrammable photo spots in New York City– I know, I’ve googled them all. But all of these articles pretty much show the exact same expected photo locations, featuring an iconic New York City landmark, building or bridge. The Best Instagrammable New York City photo […]

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The Top 15 Souvenirs from Vienna, Austria

Satin Evening Blue Black Purse Royal Wedding Rhinestone Clutch Handbags Party JAGENIE Bag Women Souvenir shopping in Vienna, Austria is a delight. These days, shopping in most European cities has been globalized to the point that the city’s shops have no identity and you feel like you could be anywhere in the world. But in Vienna, Austrian traditions– and unique shops that hold true to these traditions– remain strong. […]

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