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Delivering a unique investigative experience to solve real world data driven problems

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Quickly connect and join data across multiple sources at huge scale


Laser Women's package Shoulder diamond handbag for Geometric Blue Folding Women Bags OYIGE Define important relationships across data sets to drive data investigation


Explore Data through interactive search, dashboards and knowledge graphs


Notifications based on preset rules or criteria

The Challenge

Finding answers in large, complex data sets

Women's Geometric Bags diamond Women for package OYIGE Blue Shoulder Folding Laser handbag Analysts, Investigators and Data Scientists all have the same problem: a need to interrogate their data from new perspectives, all the time.

Big data technologies alone don’t make it possible to cross-reference and visually represent the patterns in these data sets in real time.

The Solution

Siren adds context to Big Data

The Siren platform uniquely allows you to identify relationships across multiple data sets, accessible via search, dashboard analytics, knowledge graphs and real-time alerts.

Designed by world leading data semantic researchers, Siren is used across sectors including Finance, Life Sciences, Law Enforcement & Operational Intelligence (System Logging, Cyber Security).

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The Difference

What makes Siren different?

Siren is designed to be 100% used, configured and controlled by our customers who need to maintain control over dynamic, hyper-sensitive data sets. Our goal is to empower you to be in control of your own Investigative Intelligence.

Siren provides instant, real-time cross stream intelligence, and can be layered over your existing sophisticated Big Data Infrastructure and multiple data sources.

Siren Technology and Architecture

Discover how Siren fits into your big data ecosystem

Upgrade your existing Elasticsearch infrastructure to become a investigative intelligence powerhouse. Leverage your existing Hadoop cluster and interact directly with your existing SQL/NoSQL systems.

“Through the use of the Siren platform, I obtained so many powerful insights from data originated from audits and inspections of clinical trials. Siren was a complete game changer for me.”
Johnson & Johnson, Analytics Lead
“Built on real big data technologies. Clearly much more interesting than anything I have seen before.”
Head of Corporate Security, Fortune 50 Company
“As we rolled out a global data transformation program Siren really brought the value of centralised Data Management to life for our business domain experts. Siren's fast, intuitive Investigative Intelligence gave them the wow factor.”
Tier 1 global pharmaceutical firm, Data Management Executive
“In law enforcement we never know what analysis and questions we are going to need to answer in the future. Siren gives us the flexibility to react as we need to as events unfold. We are very excited about the impact this has on real world investigation.”
European law enforcement agency, Operations Manager
“We are building central global business process telemetry across systems, applications, process workflow and transaction flow. Siren enables that global Investigative Intelligence across all these related domains faster than anything else we tried.”
Tier 1 Wall Street Bank
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Get Notified

We'll inform you of major releases and upcoming features.

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